The Jersey Care Federation - an introduction

The Jersey Care Federation is a forward thinking, active organisation which aims to represent the care sector. Being part of an organisation, provides members with a unified, strong voice, which gets heard across the Health Department and Social Security. It allows members to be involved in decision making processes, contribute to development of services and contribute to change in policy and regulations. Members are able to develop close networking relationships, and share expertise across organisations. Valuable information can be distributed to members, to keep organisation up to date on policy and professional practice.

Our membership covers a cross section of independent care providers across the Island of Jersey. If you are interested in looking for a care provider, you can find a list of our members on our members page, or alternatively please contact us.


Jersey Care Federation launches training course to encourage more people into the care profession

The Jersey Care Federation is proud to announce the launch of its first health care induction course, providing islanders with easier access to a career in Health and Social Care. The new training course is being delivered thanks to funding from the States of Jersey who support initiatives designed to address local skills shortages.

Currently there are no beginner courses on offer locally for individuals working in other industries who would like to move into the care sector. Training is only offered to those registered as unemployed or already working in the sector, significantly reducing the pool of candidates who are ready to work in care.

It is hoped that this pilot course, which will be run by a local training provider, will encourage more people to join the profession. The pilot course will provide 14 individuals with the basic skills with which to enter the sector and practical experience at a care home or with an approved home care provider.

Cheryl Kenealy, Treasurer of the Jersey Care Federation, said: “We know that there are large groups of people who would like to work in care, whether that is new parents looking to return to work, those who have just reached retirement or those seeking a change in career and this course will offer them a pathway to do so.

“The funding offered by the States of Jersey for this course will allow us to offer more local people with access to job opportunities and to support the health and wellbeing of islanders. We would encourage as many local residents as possible to get in touch to see if this course would suit them. Working as a carer or support worker can be extremely rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a full-time role and can be flexible enough to fit with your individual circumstances.”

The majority of the funding for the course will be provided by the States of Jersey team but there will be a nominal charge for those attending. The course times will be variable to allow people in full-time roles to attend. If the pilot course is successful, the Jersey Care Federation plan to apply for further funding to host regular skills courses in Health and Social Care, which will be put to tender to other interested training providers.

Assistant Chief Minister Constable Christopher Taylor said: “We are very pleased to support the Jersey Care Federation with this initiative to help more islanders to attain the basic skills, knowledge and confidence to begin working in the care sector, which has seen difficulties in recruiting locally qualified staff.

“We’re able to offer this financial support following the introduction of an annual fee for all local businesses employing “Registered” (non-local) staff. By investing this income into training and initiatives that mitigate long term skills shortages on the Island, we hope to reduce the Island’s reliance on non-local labour.”

The Jersey Care Federation works with its members to provide a safe community care provision for older and vulnerable individuals. Working with government departments, it aims to deliver a seamless and well-regulated service to the community. Increasing the size of the carer workforce will enable the organisation to deliver a better service of care to Jersey’s growing population and allow ageing islanders the chance to stay in their homes for longer.

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